Print Sources (Festival 2016)



Film Company Contact Name Email
All These Voices David Henry Gerson
Arabic Movie Go2Films Hadar Taylor Shechter
Avalon Tristar Pictures
Baba Joon IsraeliFilms Dana Goren
Barash Film Movement
Black Jews: The Roots of the Olive Tree Laurence Gavron
Born Allies TWR Association Barthelemy Etievant
Carvalho’s Journey National Center for Jewish Film Becky Gillig
Chaos Within, The Go2Films Hadar Taylor Shechter
Compared to What:
the Improbable Journey of Barney Frank
Cremator  Central Office of Film Distribution
Curt Lowens: A Life of Changes  Los Angeles Museum of the Holocaust-Righteous Convesations  Rachel Fidler
Demon The Orchard Kalie Watch
Dirty Wolves Latido Emilio Ruiz Lerga
Drawing Against Oblivion Rise and Shine Anja Dziersk
Dybbuk. A Tale Of Wandering Souls, The Krakow Film Foundation Katarzyna Wilk
Einstein in the Holy Land Ruth Diskin Cara Saposnik
Encirclements IsraeliFilms
Etoile Go2Films Hadar Taylor Shechter
Eva Hesse  Zeitgeist  Emily Russo
Feelings are Facts:
The Life of Yvonne Rainer
Jack Walsh Jack Walsh
Fire Birds IsraeliFilms Dana Goren
Good Son, The CAT&Docs Maelle Guenegues
Grain of Truth, A PRens Agnieszka Mrowinska
Hebrew Superhero  Asaf Galay
How Not to Say I Love You?…  Amir Ragporker
Klezmer Human Power Aleksandra Zakrzewska
Law, The Doc & Film International Hannah Horner
Light Ahead, The National Center for Jewish Film Becky Gillig
Longing Go2Films Hadar Taylor Shechter
Look At Us Now, Mother! Kirschenbaum Productions Jessica Kirschenbaum
Marzipan Flowers Unknown Ori
Midnight Orchestra, The Menemsha Films  Ben Saari
Miriam Beerman:
Expressing the Chaos
 Jonathan Gruber
Mountain Films Distribution Sanam Madjedi
Mussa Cinephil Ela Elvaz
Natasha Menemsha Films Ben Saari
No Home Movie Icarus Films Livia Bloom
Old Jewish Cemetery, The Atoms & Void BV Maria Choustova
On the Banks of the Tigris:
The Hidden Story of Iraqi Music
Fruitul Films Marsha Emerman
Once in a Lifetime Menemsha Films Ben Saari
One Day Pina Asked Icarus Films  Livia Bloom
Our People  Albert Kahn
Partner with the Enemy Go2Films Hadar Taylor Shechter
Pawnbroker, The  Allied Artists  /  American International Pictures
Period. New Paragraph.  Sarah Kramer
Persona Non Grata Film Business – Nippon Television Network Corporation Asuka Kimura
Portrait of a Serial Monogamist The Film Collaborative Jeffrey Winter
Raise the Roof National Center for Jewish Film Lisa Rivo
Record Man, The Beacon Mitchell Egber
Red Leaves Go2Films Hadar Taylor Shechter
Sara Levy Cohen Costanza Films Asaf Yecheskel
Search of Israeli Cuisine, In Menemsha Films Ben Saari
Setup, The Leah Gottfried
Shouk Dotan Moreno
Shtisel Season 2 Episodes 1-3 Go2Films Hadar Taylor Shechter
Song Of Songs Everything Works Ivana Ivisic
Summer Solstice Wide Matthias Angoulvant
Sunday, Bloody Sunday Park Circus Inc Terry Orr
Tale of Love and Darkness, A Voltage Pictures
Third Person Go2Films Hadar Taylor Shechter
Tikkun Kino Lorber Susan Barocas
Visit, The Alexandra Dagenais
Vita Activa: The Spirit of Hannah Arendt Zeitgeist Emily Russo
Warm Snow Ira Eklshansky
Wedding Doll Outsider Pictures Paul Hudson
Women in Sink Iris Zaki Iris Zaki
Yona UCM Sara Assouline