ReFraming the Artist


Our Re-framing the Artist film sidebar takes a look at the life and work of notable artists, exploring the artistic experience through film. The documentary series encompasses the work of visual and performing artists of past and present, giving new life to their journey and honoring their cultural impact.

MAIN - Carvalhos Journey_4


Dir. Steve Rivo
(85 min, USA, 2015) Documentary

Steve Rivo traces Carvalho’s 1853 expedition alongside famed explorer John Fremont, when Carvalho became among the first to capture the mesas, sweeping vistas and astounding raw beauty of the American West.

MAIN - Drawing Against Oblivion_3


Dir. Bärbel Jacks
(67 min, Germany/Austria, 2015) Documentary

Finding an archive of faded photos of Jewish children who perished in Nazi death camps, Manfred Bockelmann transforms the photo miniatures into large-scale charcoal drawings.

MAIN - EvaHesseBrown1963


Dir. Marcie Begleiter
(105 min, USA, 2015) Documentary

German-American artist Eva Hesse created her innovative art in latex and fiberglass in the whirling aesthetic vortex of 1960s New York — her flowing forms were in part a reaction to the rigid structures of then-popular minimalism, largely a male-dominated movement.

FEELINGS ARE FACTS: The Life of Yvonne Rainer

Dir. Jack Walsh
(83 min, USA, 2015) Documentary

At the age of 25, Yvonne Rainer took her first dance class; at the age of 28, she changed dance forever.


GARY LUCAS’ FLEISCHEREI: Music From Max Fleischer Cartoons

Legendary guitarist Gary Lucas joins forces with Tony®- nominated singer and actress Sara Stiles for a loving musical tribute to the swinging, jazzy soundtracks that adorned master animator Max Fleischer’s cartoons of the 1930’s.

MAIN - Hebrew Superhero_3


Dir. Shaul Betser and Asaf Galay
(53 min, Israel, 2015) Documentary

Shaul Betser and Asaf Galay outline the origins of Israeli comic books, tracing their evolution from quirky upstart to an indelible reflection on the various forms of Israeli heroes.

ALT - Miriam Beerman_1

MIRIAM BEERMAN: Expressing the Chaos

Dir. Jonathan Gruber
(53 min, USA, 2015) Documentary

A memorable profile of an artist who has elevated her empathy for the plight of the world’s cast-offs into powerful portrayals of dignity.

MAIN - On the Banks of the Tigris_2

ON THE BANKS OF THE TIGRIS: The Hidden Story of Iraqi Music

Dir. Marsha Emerman
(79 min, Australia, 2015) Documentary

Majid Shokor, a Muslim Iraqi living in Australia, finds a hidden Jewish connection in his favorite childhood music.

Repères sur la modern dance Pina Bausch : Un jour Pina a demand


Dir. Chantal Akerman
(57 min, France, 1983) Documentary

An encounter between two of the most remarkable women artists of the 20th century, One Day Pina Asked… is Chantal Akerman’s look at the work of choreographer Pina Bausch.



Dir. Yari Wolinsky and Cary Wolinsky
(85 min, USA/Poland, 2014) Documentary

Inspired by images of magnificent wooden synagogues in 18th century Poland—the last of which were destroyed by the Nazis—artists Rick and Laura Brown set out to reconstruct a replica of the stunning, mural-covered Gwozdziec synagogue.

MAIN - Record Man_


Dir. Mark Moormann
(110 min, USA/Bahamas. 2015) Documentary

Brooklyn-born Henry Stone exported the music of Miami to the world. From distributing records out of his ‘48 Packard to establishing the largest independent label of the 1970’s, he was a shrewd record executive with an ear for hits and a knack for discovering talent.

MAIN - Yona_11


Dir. Nir Bergman
(100 min, Israel/Germany, 2014) Narrative

Focusing on the early ‘60s, we witness a turbulent slice of famed Hebrew poet Yona Wallach’s life.