2016 Donors

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Day Sponsor
Anne and Ronald Abramson
Naomi and Nehemiah Cohen Foundation
Scott and Ellen Clare Dreyer
Louie and Ralph Dweck
Lois and Richard England Family Foundation
Susie and Michael Gelman
Shelley and Allan Holt
The Melvin and Estelle Gelman Foundation – Elise and Marc Lefkowitz
Jacob and Charlotte Lehrman Foundation
Linda and Sid Moskowitz
Melanie and Larry Nussdorf
Deborah and Michael Salzberg
Dr. Sara Cohen and Norm Rich, Dr. Paul and Cyna Cohen
Barbara Silverstein and Alan Kirschenbaum
Patty Abramson and Les Silverman
Michele and Allan Berman
Dina Gold
Liza and Michael Levy
Diane Abelman Wattenberg
Judith Weintraub
Rose and Robert Cohen
Tabard Corporation
Richard Solloway
Dava Berkman
Anita Wolke and Ken Brooks
Anne and Howard Clemons
Jacqueline and Edward Cohen
Stephanie Flack
Belman Klein Associates, Ltd.
Bridge Street Books
Joy Midman
Michael Singer
Janet Leno and Peter Harrold
Susan Wedlan and Harold Rosen
Lynn and John Sachs
Brenda Gruss and Daniel Hirsch
Beth Sackler and Jeffrey Cohen
Babs and Rabbi A.N. Abramowitz
Miriam and Eliezer H. Benbassat
Kathy Borrus
Susan and Michael Friedman
Leslie and Bruce Lane
Peggy Parsons
Zelda Porte
Elaine Reuben
Sue Brett and Rob Shesser
Francine Zorn Trachtenberg and Stephen Joel Trachtenberg
Charlotte and Michael Baer
Steven Blacher
Aviva Kempner
Dianne and Herb Lerner
Iris Lipkowitz
Dalya and Edward Luttwak
Betsy and Michael Hockstein
Rikki and Nat Lewin
Deborah and Juan Prawda
Linda Lipsett and Jules Bernstein
Adas Israel Congregation
Bruce and Lisa Cort
Tamara and Harry Handelsman
Sanders H. Berk, M.D. and Sally Berk
Ron Kaplan and Yoni Bock
Frances Burka
Renee Comet
Lisa and Tom Goldring
Jill and Robert Granader
Marci Handler and Doug Klayman
Andrea and Al Hoffman
Sandy Kronsberg and Jerry Skalka
Myra and Allen Mondzac
Dorothy Moss and Lawrence Meyer
Sandra and Bob Polin
Deborah Prigal
Olga Ryzhikov
Sandra Perlstein and Sidney Schwarz
Silver Family Foundation – Peggy and Sidney Silver
Mindy Strelitz and Andrew Cornblatt
Deborah Tannen and Michael Macovski
Myrna Fawcett
Sandra Hoexter
Elaine Braverman
Sarah Pokempner and Jerry Levine
Martha Winter Gross and Robert Tracy
Joan S. Wessel
Rosalind and Donald Cohen
William Kreisberg
Miriam Mörsel Nathan and Harvey Nathan
Lorraine Gallard and Richard Levy
Leesa Fields and Jonathan Band
Marilyn and Michael Glosserman
Sylvia Greenberg
Mary Lynn and Nick Kotz
Diane Lipson Schilit and Howard Schilit
Brenda Krieger and John Carhart
Lois Cohen
Susan and James Cole
Dave Connick
Victoria R. Cordova
Gideon Sasson Charitable Fund
Ronna and Stan Foster
Jennifer Gibson and Harry Rand
Anita Glick
Marcia Goldberg
Barbara Goldberg
Lynn Goldin and Henry Birnkrant
Nelson Goodman
Alison Drucker and Thomas Holzman
Alma and Sid Kaplan
Bill Levenson
Carole Mates
Elaine and Richard Melnick
Aviva MeyerSteven and Cindy Michael
Joyce and Nelson Migdal
Leslye Fenton and Jonathan Moreno
Joan Nathan and Allan Gerson
Toba Penny
Edna and Larry Povich
Nancy Rose and Robert Lipman
Amy I. Schear
Diane ScheiningerIrwin Shuman and Elaine Feidelman
Steve and Linda Skalet
Phyllis and Steve Solomon
Sarah Wattenberg
Janet and Henry Waxman
Suzanne Wolk
Debra and Marvin Feuer
Debra Goldberg and Seth Waxman
Leslie and Rustin Levy
Debra Schwartz
Yulia Spivak and Roman Svirsky
Embassy of Israel
Linda and Jay Freedman
Susan and Dennis Papadopoulos
DCJCC Fund Support
Milton and Helen Covensky Fund
The Samuel and Marlene Halperin Arts Fund
Chaim Kempner Fund
The Harriet J. Neuman Endowment Fund
The Arthur Tracy “The Street Singer” Endowment Fund


* of blessed memory