Film Review: ‘A Jew Must Die’ Appearing at the Washington Jewish Film Festival

I have seen many World War II films that focused on either the battles that were fought, or the horrors of the Holocaust. Only a small number of films touch on the level of extremism exhibited during this time. Jacob Berger’s A Jew Must Die is one of these films, a chilling tale of violence and hatred in what was believed to be a neutral territory during the war.

Switzerland 1942. A group of Nazi sympathizers want to do something special to commemorate Adolf Hitler’s upcoming birthday. They decide to select and kill a Jewish citizen as a scapegoat for the “sins of Israel.” The citizen they choose is a well-known livestock dealer, Arthur Bloch (Bruno Ganz). At a local cattle festival, the extremists lure Bloch into a barn under the pretense of selling him a cow. They kill him and dismember his body. The crime is witnessed by a local boy who grows up to write a book about the incident.

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