Film Review: ‘Cloudy Sunday’ Appearing at the Washington Jewish Film Festival

In most wartime films, the plot lines tend to not feature one thing: a romantic story. This is done to keep more emphasis on the action scenes. Director Manousos Manousakis attempts to combine these elements in his film Cloudy Sunday, with mixed results.

The story takes place during World War II  in the Greek city of Thessaloniki. The city has been under German occupation, making it an undesirable location for the city’s Jewish population. As time passes on, more and more restrictions are placed on the Jewish resdents. At the heart of the conflict is a brewing resistance movement. One of the resistance members is Yorgos Samaras (Haris Fragoulis), a Christian carpenter and café worker. His resistance work brings him in contact with Estrea Beza (Christina Hilla Fameli), a Jewish girl who assists Yorgos in typing radio messages for the resistance. The two gradually fall in love, a love that is deemed forbidden by their family and friends. Their love is put to the test as the conditions worsen for the Jewish people of the city.

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