How ‘Wonder Woman’ director Patty Jenkins cracked the superhero-movie glass ceiling

Heckerling, in town for a 20th-anniversary screening of her movie “Clueless” last week at the Washington Jewish Film Festival, notes: “If I’m [worrying] about stuff, it just makes it harder. I try not to even acknowledge the reality.”

The director also emphasizes the difference between creating empowering work and choosing to be on the front lines as a prominent activist. “It’s like the Chaplin film where a truck goes by and a red flag falls off,” she says, referring to 1936’s “Modern Times.” “[The tramp] is sort of running up to say that they dropped it and meanwhile, a Socialist parade comes up behind him and they all think he’s leading it,” she says. “And you go: ‘No, I don’t want to pick up the flag and run.’ I want to forget that it’s happening.”

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