Volunteer with WJFF

Thank you for your interest in volunteering for the 27th Washington Jewish Film Festival!

The Festival would not be possible without our dedicated team of volunteers who help with special events, box office, ushering guests, and so much more. Please visit www.shiftboard.com/WJFF and sign up to become a volunteer. It’s easy and takes less than five minutes! Once you create an account, you can view all the available shifts for our upcoming screenings.

Click on the items below to learn more about benefits and different volunteer opportunities.


All volunteers are invited to pre-Festival events and a special Volunteer meet-and-greet prior to the Festival. Volunteers who work our film screening shifts will earn one (1) free ticket to any regularly priced WJFF screening. Festival volunteers who work six (6) of these shifts will receive a Festival Pass. With a variety of ways to get involved, we also have benefits for volunteers who go the extra mile to help the WJFF. To see the benefits for other volunteer opportunities, please click on the titles below.


As a Concierge Driver you will transport various Festival guests – including Filmmakers, Panelists, and VIPs, to and from their individual film screenings, special events, and any parties they may wish to attend. This role will give you a rare insider view of the festival and the industry behind it.

In addition to the benefit of meeting these talented Filmmakers and guests, as a member of the Concierge Driving Team you will receive a Festival Pass, which you can use to attend screenings when you are not working. You must sign up for and complete five (5) shifts to earn a pass.

If this is something you think you might be interested in, please contact Hannah Grace Heartfield for more information: hannahgh@edcjcc.org or 202.777.3241


Join our dedicated volunteer team and assist with testing films, data entry, and other daily office tasks. There are more opportunities for this volunteer team in the lead-up to the annual Film Festival, however, we have plenty of opportunities during the Year-Round program as well. These opportunities will not appear on the Shiftboard calendar until you are added to these special teams by a WJFF staff member. Benefits include one (1) regularly priced festival ticket per shift.

Please contact Hannah Grace Heartfield for more information: hannahgh@edcjcc.org or 202.777.3241.


The Volunteer Captain positions are for our seasoned volunteers. Volunteer captains oversee the check-in of the other volunteers along with the distribution of volunteer duties in consultation with the House Manager.

As a Volunteer Captain, you will receive a Festival Pass which you can use to attend screenings when you are not working. You must sign up for (5) shifts to receive this pass.


Volunteers help with greeting patrons, will call, passing out materials, line control, and collecting audience surveys and tickets at the door. Shifts vary in length but generally are 3-5 hours. Please note that during the Film Festival, volunteers are not guaranteed to watch the film during their shift. We encourage you to not sign up for films you wish to see.

After each shift, you will receive a voucher to redeem for one (1) regularly priced film during the festival. If you work six (6) shifts you will receive a Festival Pass.

QUESTIONS? Contact Hannah Grace Heartfield at hannahgh@edcjcc.org to learn about the various ways to volunteer with the WJFF.