The New Black (Shababniks)

Dirs. Eliran MalkaDaniel Paran | 85 min
Narrative Israel 2018 US Premiere

Sunday, May 68:15 PM Bethesda Row Cinema

Thursday, May 108:15 PM E Street Cinema On Rush*

*On Rush indicates that advance ticket sales to this event are currently sold out. A rush line will be available at the venue one hour prior to the start time where you will have the opportunity to wait in line and purchase tickets as they become available.

Join us for the US Premiere of the latest hit Israeli TV comedy, The New Black (Shababniks), which centers on four misfit Haredi students studying at a yeshiva in Jerusalem. Gedalya is on the straight and narrow, while the others prefer their Talmud study with a side of hanging out in the park, shopping at the mall, and general goofing off.

There are no tortured heroes or heartbreaking scenes. What you will find in The New Black is fun, and a lot of it.


  • Funny, whimsical, and cuttingTablet






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This event finished on May 11, 2018.