The Testament

Dir. Amichai Greenberg | 96 min
Narrative Austria / Israel 2017 EnglishHebrewGermanYiddish with English subtitles DC Premiere

Tuesday, May 86:20 PM Bethesda Row Cinema

Saturday, May 126:30 PM Edlavitch DCJCC

Holocaust researcher Yoel is in a legal battle with powerful forces in Austria, concerning a WWII massacre of Jews in the village of Lensdorf.

A construction project is planned at the site of the murders, and Yoel suspects that the real aim is to bury the atrocity for good. While examining classified testimonies of Holocaust survivors, he discovers one given by his mother, which reveals a long-kept secret. Now, the increasingly personal investigation is up against dual walls of silence: the Austrian denial of the massacre and his mother’s silence about her past.

Co-presented by Austrian Cultural Forum



  • The director's most successful creative flourish, however, involves the interpolation of actual interview footage with villagers from the scene of the crime(s)The Hollywood Reporter


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Ben Saari

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This event finished on May 13, 2018.