Streaming Tips

All of JxJ’s Virtual Cinema offerings are available for purchase online. But what if you want to stream on your TV? Here are some general tips on how to get our films on your screen.


Before taking on any of these options, consider reading the streaming information page specific to the film you are purchasing. A link to film-specific help is listed below the “Rent the Film” button on every JxJDC.ORG film page.


  • Casting and Mirroring: Your device may allow you to cast the screen directly to your TV. To do this, you will need a device compatible with your TV. Here is a breakdown of a few popular casting options.
    • Chromecast: If you own a Chromecast device and have plugged it into your TV, rent and play our films on a Chrome browser on any laptop or other device. An icon in the top right corner of your screen will allow you to cast the Google Chrome tab directly to your screen.
    • AirPlay: Apple’s casting solution. Share your Apple device’s screen to your Apple TV by searching for the AirPlay or Screen Mirroring option.
    • Android, Google, and Other Devices: Search for screen mirroring or casting on your device for the device’s native screen sharing solution. Your TV must be compatible with the device.


  • Smart TV Applications: To use this option, you’ll need one of the following: a smart TV, an Apple TV, a Roku device, or an Amazon Firestick. If the film you rented is hosted on Vimeo, download the Vimeo application to your smart TV or add-on device. Open the application and log into the same account you used to purchase the film. This will grant you access to rented content. Other streaming platforms may have applications available for your TV.


  • HDMI Cable: If your laptop has an HDMI port and you own an HDMI cable, you can wire your computer directly to your TV. Most equipment that plugs into your TV for video needs an HDMI cable – borrow one from your BluRay player or gaming console – and look through your computer or device’s screen mirroring options (you should receive a prompt as soon as your connect the two devices). Make sure your TV is preset to the same HDMI channel that you use to plug in your device.


  • TV Browser: If your smart TV has a web browser installed, you can rent and play our films on your TV by visiting JxJDC.ORG.


Still having trouble? Contact or 202.777.3210 to receive personalized support.