Kiss Me Kosher

Dir. Shirel Peleg | 101 min
Drive-In Screening, Narrative Germany, Israel 2019
EnglishHebrewGermanArabic with English subtitles

Sparks fly when two families from wildly different cultural backgrounds collide to plan a same-sex wedding in this fun-filled screwball romantic comedy.

After a string of brief relationships, Shira has finally found real love and gets engaged to Maria, a German who has uprooted her life with a move to Tel Aviv. The two families awkwardly try to overcome their cultural and religious differences, with the exception of Shira’s headstrong and fiercely independent grandmother, Berta, who strongly disapproves of any marriage between Germans and Jews.

Berta will go to any length to break-up the happy couple, until her own love life gets complicated after she secretly starts seeing a Palestinian man. As Shira’s younger brother eagerly documents the family chaos for a school video project, Shira and Maria discover the road to happiness is filled with unexpected, but hilarious complications.

Co-Sponsored by the Goethe-Institut, Washington DC


Sunday, May 308:00 PM Bender JCC Outdoor Field 6125 Montrose Rd
Rockville, MD

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