Raymonde El Bidaouia

Dir. Yael Abecassis | 77 min
Documentary, Virtual Screening Israel 2020
HebrewFrenchArabic with English subtitles

Raymonde – Diva, queen, enigma, inspiration, survivor, widow, woman, and mother.

Armed with a camera, internationally acclaimed Israeli actress Yaël Abecassis (Amos Giati’s Kadosh and Alila, Shlomi Elkabetz’s Seven Days, Prisoners Of War) followed her mother and stepped into a world where she had always been a stranger.

For the first time, they embark on a journey together: from a childhood in the mellah of Casablanca to the dunes of Ashdod and back to Morocco, where her mother became the legendary Raymonde El Bidaouia – a world-famous Moroccan singer.


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